Hand AssetsΒΆ

The Leap Motion assets for Unity include hand prefabs that you can use as-is or as examples for building your own hand prefabs.

There are a few different approaches to creating hands, including creating discrete components for the parts of the hands and moving these parts individually, creating mesh hands rigged with bone armatures and deforming the mesh by rotating the bones, and even creating code-driven hands that procedurally create their own graphics.

The LeapHandController class orchestrates the acquisition and application of tracking data to the hands and fingers. The HandModel and FingerModel classes serve as base classes for hand and finger animation.

Hand Assets
Hand Type Prefabs Location Example
Capsule CapsuleHand Core Assets https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_CapsuleHand.png
Procedural Hands PolyHand1/2/3 Hand Module https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_PolyHand.jpg
Rigged Hands PepperBaseCut, PepperBaseFull Hands Module https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_UntexturedHand.jpg
Low Polygon Hands LoPoly_Rigged_Hand Hands Module https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_LoPolyHand.jpg
Physics Hands RigidHand, RigidFullHand, RigidRoundHand, ThickRigidHand Core Assets https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_RigidHand.png
Interaction Hands BrushHand Interaction Engine Module (invisible)
Attachment Hands HandAttachments Attachments Module https://di4564baj7skl.cloudfront.net/documentation/images/unity/Unity_HandAttachment.png