class Leap.CircleGesture

Extends Gesture.

The CircleGesture classes represents a circular finger movement.

A circle movement is recognized when the tip of a finger draws a circle within the Leap Motion Controller field of view.

Important: To use circle gestures in your application, you must enable recognition of the circle gesture. You can enable recognition with:


Circle gestures are continuous. The CircleGesture objects for the gesture have three possible states:

  • STATE_START – The circle gesture has just started. The movement has progressed far enough for the recognizer to classify it as a circle.
  • STATE_UPDATE – The circle gesture is continuing.
  • STATE_STOP – The circle gesture is finished.

You can set the minimum radius and minimum arc length required for a movement to be recognized as a circle using the config attribute of a connected Controller object. Use the following keys to configure circle recognition:

Key string Value type Default value Units
Gesture.Circle.MinRadius float 5.0 mm
Gesture.Circle.MinArc float 1.5 * p radians

The following example demonstrates how to set the circle configuration parameters:

controller.config.set("Gesture.Circle.MinRadius", 10.0)
controller.config.set("Gesture.Circle.MinArc", .5)

New in version 1.0.

classmethod CircleGesture([gesture])

Constructs a CircleGesture object from an instance of the Gesture class.

circle = Leap.CircleGesture(gesture)
Parameters:gesture (Gesture) – The Gesture instance to specialize. This Gesture instance must be a CircleGesture object. If no argument is supplied, an invalid CircleGesture object is created.

New in version 1.0.


The center point of the circle within the Leap Motion frame of reference.

centerPoint =

New in version 1.0.


The normal vector for the circle being traced.

If you draw the circle clockwise, the normal vector points in the same general direction as the pointable object drawing the circle. If you draw the circle counterclockwise, the normal points back toward the pointable. If the angle between the normal and the pointable object drawing the circle is less than 90 degrees, then the circle is clockwise.

circle = Leap.CircleGesture(gesture)
if (circle.pointable.direction.angle_to(circle.normal) <= Leap.PI/2):
    clockwiseness = "clockwise"
    clockwiseness = "counterclockwise"

New in version 1.0.


The number of times the finger tip has traversed the circle.

Progress is reported as a positive number of the number. For example, a progress value of .5 indicates that the finger has gone halfway around, while a value of 3 indicates that the finger has gone around the the circle three times.

import math
completeTurns = math.floor(circle.progress)

Progress starts where the circle gesture began. Since the circle must be partially formed before the Leap Motion software can recognize it, progress will be greater than zero when a circle gesture first appears in the frame.

New in version 1.0.


The radius of the circle.

diameter = 2 * circle.radius

New in version 1.0.


The finger performing the circle gesture.

circlingPointable = circle.pointable

New in version 1.0.


The circle gesture type designator: Gesture.TYPE_CIRCLE

New in version 1.0.