class Leap.ScreenTapGesture

Extends Leap.Gesture.

A screen tap gesture is recognized when the tip of a finger pokes forward and then springs back to approximately the original postion, as if tapping a vertical screen. The tapping finger must pause briefly before beginning the tap.

Important: To use screen tap gestures in your application, you must enable recognition of the screen tap gesture. You can enable recognition with:


ScreenTap gestures are discrete. The ScreenTapGesture object representing a tap always has the state, STATE_STOP. Only one ScreenTapGesture object is created for each screen tap gesture recognized.

You can set the minimum finger movement and velocity required for a movement to be recognized as a screen tap as well as adjust the detection window for evaluating the movement using the config attribute of a connected Controller object. Use the following keys to configure screen tap recognition:

Key string Value type Default value Units
Gesture.ScreenTap.MinForwardVelocity float 50 mm/s
Gesture.ScreenTap.HistorySeconds float 0.1 s
Gesture.ScreenTap.MinDistance float 5.0 mm

The following example demonstrates how to set the key tap configuration parameters:

controller.config.set("Gesture.ScreenTap.MinForwardVelocity", 30.0)
controller.config.set("Gesture.ScreenTap.HistorySeconds", .5)
controller.config.set("Gesture.ScreenTap.MinDistance", 1.0)

New in version 1.0.

classmethod ScreenTapGesture([gesture])

Constructs a ScreenTapGesture object from an instance of the Gesture class.

for gesture in frame.gestures():
    if gesture.type is Leap.Gesture.TYPE_SCREEN_TAP:
        screen_tap = Leap.ScreenTapGesture(gesture)
Parameters:gesture (Gesture) – The Gesture instance to specialize. This Gesture instance must be a ScreenTapGesture object. If no argument is supplied, an invalid ScreenTapGesture object is created.

New in version 1.0.


The position where the screen tap is registered.

tap_point = screen_tap.position

New in version 1.0.


The direction of finger tip motion. If the finger is stationary, at the time this gesture object is recorded, then the direction will be a zero vector.

tap_direction = screen_tap.direction

New in version 1.0.


The progess value is always 1.0 for a screen tap gesture.

New in version 1.0.


The finger performing the screen tap gesture.

tapper = screen_tap.pointable

New in version 1.0.

classmethod class_type()

The screen tap gesture type designator: Gesture.TYPE_SCREEN_TAP

New in version 1.0.