Leap Motion Unity Assets and Plugin

The Leap Motion Unity assets provide an easy way to get motion-controlled hands into a Unity game.


System Requirements

  • Leap Motion 2.3.1+
  • Unity 5.1+
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X


  1. Download the latest asset package from: https://developer.leapmotion.com/downloads/unity.

  2. Open or create a project.

  3. Select the Unity Assets > Import Package > Custom Package menu command.

  4. Locate the downloaded asset package and click Open.

    The assets are imported into your project.

Every development and client computer must also install the Leap Motion service software (which runs automatically after it is installed).


If you do not see hands after adding the HandController prefab to a scene and pressing play, check the following:

  • The hands are within the scene camera’s field of view, not obscured by another 3D object, and are large enough to be visible. The 3D hands appear above the location of the HandController prefab.
  • Pause the game and check to see if the hand models are in the Unity editor hierarchy view. If, so, find them in the editor scene view.
  • Make sure that the Unity Editor (or app if running outside the editor) has the OS input focus. (The Leap Motion Service only sends data to the active application.)
  • Check that the Leap Motion icon in the task bar is green. If it has gone dark, the service isn’t sending out data. In this case, double check that the Leap Motion hardware is plugged in and check that the service is running.
  • Open the Leap Motion Visualizer from the task bar icon menu. If you see hands in the Visualizer, the problem is most likely within the Unity plugin, scripts, or your own application. If there are no hands in the Visualizer, the problem is outside Unity.