Application Asset and Marketing Guidelines

You can download the following badges and image assets here.

App Names and IDs

  • Apps must have a unique name, icon, and metadata. It must be different from all other Apps within the Leap Motion app store and must not contain the words “Leap” or “Leap Motion”.
  • Refrain from using Leap Motion company names or products in your app name, for example “Leap,” “Leap Motion”, “LM”, “Leap Motion Controller”, etc. The app store is dedicated to Leap Motion apps, so there is no need to include Leap Motion in the app name.
  • Refrain from using variations or misspellings of Leap Motion company names or products in your app name, for example “Leep Motion”, etc.
  • Avoid app names that might be confused with Leap Motion company names, products or general themes, for example “Lead Motion”, “Motion Control”, “Gesture Control”, etc.


  • App pricing model should be set to either Free or One Time Fee. A price greater than or equal to $0.99 must be set for any paid apps.
  • The maximum list price for Apps in the store is US$500 or local equivalent. Apps priced higher than the applicable maximum may be listed only under a separate agreement with Leap Motion.


  • Apps must have one Leap Motion App ID per platform, provided by Leap Motion.

  • An App Version must be assigned to each submission.

  • Developers are able to submit any version number format you choose, to accommodate apps that may already exist.

    For new apps or new developers, a suggested format for your app is 1.000 for the first submission of an app. Subsequent submissions for the same app version could be 1.001, 1.002, etc. Updates to a published app could increment the primary version number to 2.000, 2.001, etc.

  • Apps must not be disguised as other Apps or content.

Image Assets

App Icon
  • One (1) App Icon image should be supplied. The App Icon appears in the store on the app detail page.
  • App Icon must be a .png file on a transparent background, at least 100x100 pixels in size.
  • This icon could also be used for the Desktop Icon.

Desktop Icon

  • One (1) Desktop Icon should be supplied within the executable file. This icon will appear in the user’s application dock when the app is launched.
  • The same Desktop Icon file can be used on Mac or PC.
  • Desktop Icons must be .png files 512x512 pixels in size.
  • This same icon could also be used for the App Store Icon.

Profile Images

Your Profile Images are used within the Leap Motion App Store and in the the App Home application.
  • Two (2) Profile Images should be supplied:

  • 1 Large, 490x270px .jpg file.

    This asset may be used in the app store (see larger profile images above) as well as in App Home to launch the app.

  • 1 Small, 235x100px .jpg file.

    This asset is used as the default profile image in the app store.

  • Profile images can be rendered key art and are not limited to actual product screens.

Touchless Profile Image


Screenshots appear on your app detail page and are a great way to show users what your app is all about.
  • At least 3 screenshots should be supplied.
  • Screenshots must be .jpg files, at least 1280x720 pixels in size (for 16:9) or 1280x800 pixels (for 16:10).
  • Screenshots must be of the actual finished product. Enhanced or modified screenshots are not allowed.

Video Assets

You can also include a demo or trailer video on your app detail page. This video asset will appear in the first position (as shown below).
  • One (1) Video demo is allowed per app, and is optional.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube, with the embeddable link provided in the submission form.

Best Practices for App Demos and Trailers

  1. Short and sweet. Keep your video as short as possible, while conveying the full story of what makes your app unique and exciting. Most developers will find that 1 minute or less is ideal.
  2. Make an entrance. Include an intro splash screen or animation to introduce the name of your app, the developer/studio, and an indication that the app has been designed for the Leap Motion Controller (i.e. “Created for the Leap Motion Controller”).
  3. Show application interactions. What’s the goal of your software, and what will your users be doing? Your video should reveal the story of your app along with the fundamental interactions that your users will experience.
  4. Keep it in perspective. Make sure to include shots with both hands and the computer screen in view, so that your audience can imagine themselves using the app.
  5. Show the big picture. Your video should reveal quick views into different modes (or levels if applicable) so that people can see how the experience of the app progresses and what users will experience.
  6. Highlight key features. Show the essential actions, characters, or tools that define your software and distinguish it from the crowd.
  7. Keep it current. When submitting your video for your Leap Motion app store page, be sure to remove any “Coming Soon” messages. When people see your trailer in the store, it’s because they’re just about to download it.

Here is a great example of a demo video that clearly shows off the app functionality and gestures (tap to launch the video).

Developer: Handwavy

Rock Paper Scissors
Developer: Pierre Semaan

Developer: Virtual Air Guitar

Leap Motion Branding

Leap Motion Trademarks

Leap Motion (TM)
When used in text, please use a ™ symbol. For consistency, please don’t use LEAP Motion, LEAP or Leap for the company name.
Leap Motion (TM) Controller
We call our first device the Leap Motion™ Controller. When used in text, on first mention please include a trademark symbol after Leap Motion and before Controller. For subsequent mentions, please use Leap Motion Controller, “the controller” or “the device” when discussing the product. Please don’t use “the Leap” for our product name.

“Available for Leap Motion” Badge;1x.png
  • The “Available for Leap Motion” badge can be used to promote your app’s availability for the Leap Motion device. See below for an example of appropriate usage.
  • The badge should link to your app’s page in the Leap Motion app store.
  • For example, the Touchless for Mac app would link here:
  • Use the badge as provided, do not modify the badge in any way.
  • Do not alter the color, animate, rotate or skew the badge.
  • Badge should be in subordinate position, within the layout, to your app or corporate identity.

Example of how badge should be used.

Leap Motion Product Images

The following images can be used when discussing the Leap Motion Controller. You can download the full-resolution images here.

Hand Device.png Leap 3 quarter.png
Leap Front.png Product-Leap Motion Field Of View.png
Leap Motion Controller with Asus Desktop.png Leap Motion Controller with HP desktop.png
Leap Motion Controller with Mac Desktop.png Leap Motion PC Flocking.png