A Vox Eclipse

Hands On Voxel Modeling With The Leap Motion Controller
Download Executable Available for Windows and OSX.

A Vox Eclipse

Hands On Voxel Modeling With The Leap Motion Controller

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A Vox Eclipse lets you design block creations in 3D space by combining hand gestures with traditional button controls. Use your favorite hand to rotate, re-position and highlight your model. Click away with your other hand and command the tools needed to build out your block designs.


  • Drawing Tools: Push, pop, paint and bubble blocks.
  • Symmetry Mode: Keep your constructions nice and even.
  • Save and Load: Let your models stick around to edit again and again!
  • Color Selection: Add some flair using only slightly less color options than found on a Commodore 64.
  • Multiple Control Options: Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, lefty or righty. Its your call.

Setting Things Up

Follow the Git Hub Instructions for cloning projects to pull down a copy of the project.
Editing the project requires Unity3D 5 and Visual Studio 2013. See the details on the Git Hub project's read me file for more information on editing the application and highlights on Leap Motion integration.


*1.0.2: Resolved gamepad controller compatibility issues